my librarian - readers' advisory

Connect with our staff members who share your interests! They can offer you guidance through our resouces.

Click on the staff member's name to send them an email describing the information and format (i.e., print book, electronic book, DVD, etc.) you are looking for, or to request a brief in-person appointment. Please allow up to 1 week for a response.

 Susan H. - Companion Animals

 I have many companion animals, volunteered at several rescues/shelters,and work part time at a small animal veterinary practice. I would love to talk with you about various companion animals.

 April N. - Movies and True Crime

I am an avid movie watcher, especially horror films. I also have an interest in true crime stories which motivated me to earn my associates degree in Criminal Justice. Contact me if you're looking for something to give you chills.

  Georgeann D. - Mystery/Thrillers, Make-up, & Scrapbooking

I have a wide range of interests. In addition to enjoying mystery series and suspense/thrillers, I have also been following several YouTube beauty bloggers for more than a year now. I like to get crafty by creating themed scrapbooks for my family, including birthday ones for my daughters. Whether you're new or experienced, let me know how I can help you!

 Emily W. - Cozy mysteries & Inspirational fiction

As the Outreach Manager, I have interacted with many members of the community who enjoy cozy mysteries and inspirational fiction.  If you enjoy these genres, let me help you pick your next title or find a new author!

 Cassie B. - Genealogy

As the Dearborn County Genealogist and staff of the Genealogy/Local History department, I have a vast knowledge of family and local history research resources. Let me help you trace your family tree or learn more about our county!

Lorrie J. - Popular fiction, Gardening, & Crafting

I enjoy reading popular fiction and some YA fiction. In addition to running the North Dearborn Branch programs specializing in crafts and sustainable living, I enjoy gardening and trying home DIY projects. Email me if you'd like some suggestions!

Sheila B. - Young Adult Fiction & Non-fiction, Cooking, & Horticulture

I prefer to read YA books and am the staff member responsible for purchasing items in this area, so I am closely acquainted with what we have available. I am a chef wannabe who loves cooking for all occasions. I have a Bachelor of Science in horticulture with an interest in herbs, perennials, and flower gardening. I'd be happy to help you find the materials to best fit your needs!

  Matt N. - History, Science Fiction, Politics, & Religion

I have a Bachelor of Arts in History, with a focus on military and Byzantine subjects, and I have a strong interest in politics, economics, and religion as well. I am a frequent reader, especially of science fiction, fantasy, and thrillers, as well as an aspring author, and I enjoy computer and tabletop gaming and roleplaying. I am happy to help you identify your next book or new hobby.

Criss G. - Spanish Literature, 4-H Programs, Needlework

I have a Bachelor of Arts in spanish literature from Indiana University. I am a 4-H leader and I love to do crafts and needlework. I would love to help you find some spanish resources or to get you started on your next project.

 Lee F. - Manga, Fantasy, Graphic Novels, LGBTQ, & Disney

I am an avid Manga reader and Anime watcher. I have a strong interest in all things fantasy or Disney. LGBTQ Novels and Graphic Novels are my personal favorites. Contact me if you want suggestions or to talk about your favorite book/movie!