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Meeting Room Policy 

Meeting Rooms are available primarily to support programs and functions which fulfill the mission and further the goals of the Library District. When rooms are not in use by the Library, these spaces are available to established, not-for-profit organizations engaged in educational, cultural or charitable activities.  Businesses engaged in employee or organizational activities and governmental units located within the Library District or serving community members may also be permitted at the discretion of the Library Director.

In accordance with the ALA's Library Bill of Rights and its interpretations pertaining to meeting rooms, use of the meeting rooms is not based on subject matter or content of the meeting, or on the beliefs or affiliations of a meeting’s sponsor.

The purpose of this policy is to maximize use of the Meeting Rooms, ensure equal access to eligible groups and to provide for orderly scheduling of the Meeting Rooms.

Use of the Meeting Rooms will be governed by the following:


  • Meetings will be scheduled in advance on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Meeting Rooms may be scheduled no more than six months in advance.
  • The Library reserves the right to divide a room when appropriate if there is more than one request for the same time period.
  • Library-sponsored activities and programs will take precedence in scheduling.  As much notice as possible will be given if a conflict arises.
  • In order to schedule a Meeting Room, groups must agree to observe the Meeting Room Policy and Guidelines either by choosing the “I Accept” button from the webpage when making reservations online, or by having a completed and signed Meeting Room Agreement (available at the Circulation Desk) on file with the Library prior to the meeting. Paper agreements expire after twelve(12) months, whereupon a new completed and signed form must be filed for continued use of the room.
  • To provide equal access to as many groups as possible the following guidelines apply:
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Space may be reserved for no more than 5 consecutive days in a month by a single organization.
  • Space may be reserved for no more that 6 consecutive weekly meetings.
  • Space may be reserved for no more than 6 monthly meetings.
  • Study Rooms
  • Study rooms are non-reservable and are available on a "first-come" basis.
  • Occupancy of study rooms is available for a maximum period of two hours, with a required two-hour interim period prior to repeated occupancy in the same day.
  • The above guidelines do not apply to internal library activities and events.


Although no rent or fees are charged for use of the rooms by qualifying groups, a charge may be levied by the LPLD Business Manager to cover cleaning expenses and/or damages when warranted by the condition of the room following a group’s use.

Groups using a Meeting Room may not charge admission fees. (Friends of the Library who raise funds for additional Library resources and services are exempted.) Written requests for an exception may be submitted in writing to the Library Director in advance by nonprofit organizations needing to recover costs incurred by the event. Generally, permission is granted only to cover costs incurred by the group for class supplies or speaker fees.

Donations by those using the room are encouraged and are tax deductible.

Responsibilities of Room Users

Groups using Meeting Rooms are required to handle the setup for their meeting, to return furniture and other equipment to the location specified on the room arrangement chart posted in each room, and to leave the room clean and in good condition prior to departure.

Use of the Library’s equipment must be arranged in advance and confirmed the day prior to the reservation.

Groups using the kitchenette must supply their own consumables. Paper products, condiments etc. that may be on hand are for use only by staff in Library-sponsored activities and programs.

Timely notice of a cancellation is expected.  Demand for room use is heavy and other groups deserve an opportunity to use the room if available.  Three consecutive no-shows by a group will result in automatic cancellation of existing reservations.

Hours of Use

Meeting Rooms are available only during Library hours.  A group meeting in a room with a direct exit to the outside may continue the meeting a maximum of two hours after the Library closes on Mondays through Thursdays, provided the specified closing procedures are followed.  Groups meeting in interior spaces with no direct exit to the outside must conclude their meeting prior to the Library's closing time.


Selling, solicitation, or taking of orders is not permitted, with the exception of authors engaged in book signings, artists performing or exhibiting in the rooms and The Friends of the Library.

A Library staff member may be present at any time during a meeting.

Use of a Meeting Room does not imply endorsement, support, or sponsorship by the Lawrenceburg Public Library District of the activity that takes place in a room or of the beliefs of the group using the room.  Groups or individuals using the room may not imply that the Library endorses the event unless the event is co-sponsored.

Use of the meeting rooms by businesses is limited to Dearborn County businesses for employee training or internal meetings.  Solicitations, demonstrations or showcasing of products or services to the public is not permitted.

Groups failing to comply with any part of this policy, other established policies and procedures of the LPLD, or with requests made by Library staff, may be denied future use of Meeting Room space.