friends of the library

Friends of the Lawrenceburg Public Library District is a non-profit organization that supports its library through fund-raising (used book sales, cookie sales, etc), advocacy, and volunteer work. Their efforts pay for many Youth Services programs, adult program presenters, refreshments, and other projects (installation of a drinking fountain in the main room of the library, flowers in the pots, etc). This local group is associated with Friends of Indiana Libraries (FOIL) which provides support to local groups through Indiana Library Federation. LPLD loves their Friends!

The American Library Association celebrates all Friends’ groups

Libraries need Friends – it’s just that simple. In fact, across America many public libraries
were established through the efforts of community members who understood the value of
libraries to their communities and also understood that libraries needed community support to survive.

How do libraries benefit from Friends groups? They benefit by the expansion of their
resources to serve the public. Friends extend a library’s capacity through dollar gifts,
volunteer and program support, and through advocacy…Additionally, any library that seeks grant funding will find themselves in a much more competitive position for those grants if they can show that they receive tangible support from the very people who use and benefit from the library.

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What will be the Friends’ mission? Think about the following possibilities:

  • Fundraising
  • Library promotion and marketing
  • Advocacy
  • Immediate need such as a new building or a major budget increase
  • Creation of a library foundation
  • Creation of a strong library volunteer force

Be Our Friend

Become a card-carrying Friend of the Library!  Print our membership form from here (PDF File), drop it at the library or mail it in.  It is that easy.



We value your donations. Before bringing donations to the Library, please review the following guidelines. Please limit contributions to two boxes a week.

We cannot accept:

    • Water damaged, stained, dirty or malodorous books
    • Any materials with conditions attached ( i.e. return to donor if discarded, keep at least 5 years etc.)
    • Items with missing covers or parts
    • Sets with missing volumes
    • Encyclopedia sets
    • Outdated media formats
    • Textbooks
    • Reader’s Digest Condensed Books


Thank you for being our Friend!