Manager: Cassie Blankenhorn

Telephone: (812) 537-2775 ext. 1139
Fax: (812) 537-2810
Email: Cassie Blankenhorn

New Genealogy / Local History Department Hours:

Due to COVID-19, we are limiting assistance to 1 hour

Monday:         11am to 5pm

Tuesday:        11am to 7pm      

Wednesday:  11am to 5pm

Thursday:       11am to 5pm

Friday:            11am to 5pm

First Saturday of the Month:  10am to 2pm


Please call ahead or e-mail to request an appointment.  

Examples of reasonable requests:

  • Please copy the obituary for John Doe who died Jan. 17, 1956
  • Please locate the marriage date for Alice Jones and James Campbell who were married in Dearborn County in the 1870's

Examples of requests we will not be able to fill:

  • Please copy everything you have on the Smith family
  • Please trace the Miller family back through the early 1800s

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