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Explaining to kids


Missing the Outdoors?

Great Parks brings nature and conservation education to you! Coloring pages, backyard scavenger hunts, learning about the natural world. Also available Mon-Fri 10 AM on Facebook and Instagram live hosting story time, nature walks, meeting animal ambassadors, making crafts, and more! All videos posted to Great Parks blog afterwards.


Learning Resources

  • Call & Learn 1-877-45-STUDY (1-877-457-8839) aimed at students, also available for parents, to call in to a staff of retired teachers for tutoring or help with school assignments. Especially useful for anyone without internet access. All calls are anonymous and recorded with no limit on how many calls or how long the calls can be. 

  • Book & Reading Engagement Kit: Home Edition 

    172,000+ videos, audio recordings, activities, and lessons to enrich your community's virtual learning. Can be used with Google Classroom, email, text, and more.