Wireless Printing

Print from your own laptop! Please read all the directions before you click on the printing icon below.

  1. Select the nearest printer from the icon list below.
  2. Click the download link for your operating system, Mac or Windows.
  3. Run the downloaded file to install the printers to your computer, this will take several minutes.  Please be patient.
  4. When the "LPT:One" window appears on your screen, the printers have been installed. You can minimize this window and ignore it for the rest of your visit.
  5. When you're ready to print, just choose "Black and White" or "Color" from your printer list. Print jobs expire after 1 hour, so don't forget to pick them up!


  • B&W = 10¢
  • Color = 35¢

Nothing is permanently installed to your computer; when you turn off your machine the printing software will be removed.

♦ Lawrenceburg Public Library

Wireless Printing   Click here to print in the Computer Lab/Youth Service area now.   

Wireless Printing   Click here to print in the Circulation/Main desk area now.   

♦ North Dearborn Branch

Wireless Printing   Click here to print in the computer lab now.   

Wireless or WiFi Access

Wireless Internet access is available for free

We recommend:

  • A charged computer battery due to the limited number of electric outlets.
  • Bring headphones to listen to audio files. (Earbuds may be purchased for $1.00)
  • Check your owner's manual if your wireless card does not work.

Please note: Library staff cannot provide assistance with individual devices

Wireless Card Settings:

  • Use the software that came with your wireless card or computer to configure the settings and to verify a connection to the Library's wireless network.
  • SSID (network name at Lawrenceburg Public Library) = LPLDPUBLIC
    • User: Library card number
    • Password: last four digits of your phone number
  • SSID (network name at North Dearborn Branch) = LPLND or LPLNDB
    • Key: ed5f878560

Possible troubleshooting hints.

  • Check the following if you are having problems connecting to our wireless network:
    WEP = enable WEP encryption.
    Mode or Network Type = Infrastructure mode or Access Point - NOT "Ad-Hoc"
    Network properties = Use DHCP (obtain an IP Address automatically)

Is the wireless network secured?

  • The Public wireless network is NOT secured.
  • Anybody you communicate with, and any information being transmitted could potentially be intercepted by another wireless user.
  • Wireless users are advised not to transmit credit card information, passwords or any other sensitive personal information while using any wireless "hot spot."
  • All wireless access users need up-to-date virus protection on their laptop computers or wireless devices for their own protection.
  • LPLD is not responsible for any breach of personal security.