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Water Your Imagination – a digital photo scavenger hunt

Use your digital camera or camera phone to find all 12 items on the list!

All Teens (age 12-18) who successfully complete the scavenger hunt will qualify for the prize drawing. One winner will be drawn at random from all finishers.Scavenger Hunt Bottle
Photos must be taken and submitted between June 7th – July 24th, to quality for the prize drawing which will be the last week in July.
You may submit your photos online, by posting them to your Facebook, MySpace, Flickr or other site and sending me a link:

You may email the photo files to me:

• If you do this option, be careful with file size- just attach two photos per email to avoid problems.
• You may send individual photos from your phone as you take them :

You may print out your photos and bring them to the library and show me by 5 pm on Saturday July 24th. No need to spend a lot of money on color photos- just black and white from a computer printer will be fine.
You may bring your camera or phone and show me the photos on your device by 5 pm on Saturday July 24th.
The idea is to have fun and be creative! However keep these things in mind;
• Please do not trespass on private property to take your photos.
• Everything must be your original work, I.e. you take the photos yourself
• No photographs of faces are to be included

Items to find:
1. Something Blue
2. Feeling Swamped
3. Wet Feet
4. Icy stare
5. Troubled Waters
6. Steamed Up
7. Raining Cats & Dogs
8. Smells Fishy
9. In Hot Water
10. A Big Splash
11. Hook, Line and Sinker
12. Watered Down

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