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Through My Eyes by Tim Tebow

With the fall football season in full swing, it’s time for a football book! While I thoroughly enjoy a good football movie, I don’t often read too many sports books. I decided to give  Through My Eyes  a try and found it a quick and enjoyable read. Even if football isn’t your game, the family stories and history of how Tim grew up are facinating.   Since this book came out at the end of 2011, it concludes with him in Denver, so no information on his move to the Jets  is included.   As a big believer in supporting your community by volunteering, it’s encouraging to see such a well rounded athlete that is very determined to give back, with both his time and his money. I highly recommend this to any high school athlete that is looking for inspiration. Not a Gator fan but I enjoy football, and reading about dedicated athletes, and Tebow is definitely dedicated. Interesting to see what brought him to this point, and wonder what great things are yet to come for him. Maybe in his next book….

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