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New Book Alerts

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October 2012
Andrews, V.C. Daughter of Light Oct '12
Benford, Gregory Bowl of Heaven Oct '12
Chiaverini, Jennifer The Giving Quilt Oct '12
Cornwell, Patricia The Bone Bed Oct '12
Dams, Jeanne The Corpse of St. James Oct '12
Dekker, Ted The Sanctuary Oct '12
DeMille, Nelson The Panther Oct '12
Estleman, Loren The Perils of Sherlock Holmes Oct '12
Evans, Richard Paul A Winter Dream Oct '12
Gear, W. Michael People of the Black Sun Oct '12
Grisham, John The Racketeer Oct '12
Hart, Carolyn G. What the Cat Saw Oct '12
Johansen, Iris Sleep No More Oct '12
Kingsbury, Karen The Bridge Oct '12
Lackey, Mercedes Redoubt Oct '12
Lehane, Dennis Live by Night Oct '12
Macomber, Debbie Angels at the Table Oct '12
McCall Smith, Alexander The Uncommon Appeal of Clouds Oct '12
Patterson, James NYPD Red Oct '12
Perry, Anne A Christmas Garland Oct '12
Sandford, John Mad River Oct '12
Steel, Danielle The Sins of the Mother Oct '12
November 2012
Baldacci, David The Forgotten Nov '12
Brown, Rita Mae Fox Tracks Nov '12
Carr, Caleb The Legend of Broken Nov '12
Connelly, Michael The Black Box Nov '12
Cussler, Clive Poseidon's Arrow Nov '12
Evanovich, Janet Notorious Nineteen Nov '12
Kingsolver, Barbara Flight Behavior Nov '12
Lackey, Mercedes Crown of Vengeance Nov '12
Mayle, Peter The Marseille Caper Nov '12
McDevitt, Jack The Cassandra Project Nov '12
Munro, Alice Dear Life: Stories Nov '12
Patterson, James Merry Christmas, Alex Cross Nov '12
Wouk, Herman The Lawgiver Nov '12
December 2012
Anthony, Piers Luck of the Draw Dec '12
Cook, Robin Nano Dec '12
Fielding, Joy Shadow Creek Dec '12
Griffin, W.E.B. Empire and Honor Dec '12
Howard, Linda Shadow Woman Dec '12
Patterson, James Private London Dec '12
Robards, Karen Shiver Dec '12
Rowlands, Betty Unnatural Wastage Dec '12
Woods, Stuart Collateral Damage Dec '12

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