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Attention Teachers: Do you have an upcoming assignment that might have kids running to the Library for help? Give us advanced notice so we can better serve your students. Please contact our Youth Services Manager, Sheila Bigelow at 812 537 2775 ext 7-1123, or by email so we can put our heads together about how the library can best serve both you and your students.

Parent and Educator Resources

Links for parents, teachers, homeschoolers and day care providers.


Visit the All-New Indiana Afterschool Network Resources Page

 This comprehensive hub is filled with the most up-to-date tools and information to help you navigate the challenges of COVID-19 and adapt to a digital landscape. Virtually access our growing list of top tools and resources in one convenient spot.

 For instance: 

  • Check out the Digital Learning section to find tools and tips on everything from staff training to best practices for engaging, educating and supporting e-learners.
  • Visit the School and Community Engagement section to find tools to help you better advocate and support collaboration between schools, communities and out-of-school programs.

 Complete list of state and national resources sections:

  • Afterschool During COVID-19
  • Curriculum
  • Policy Updates
  • Resources for Families
  • Digital Learning
  • School and Community Engagement
  • Resources for Partners
  • Funding
  • Professional Development