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The Lawrenceburg Public Library District has digitized several resources pertaining to Dearborn County history for students who are doing research on the subject. Please note that the collection in the Main Library's Local History and Genealogy Room is much more extensive. Please stop by and visit us sometime! See a more complete list of resources available at the Library.

**All images open in a new window. Click on the image to zoom in.**

Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed 1
Johnny Appleseed 2
History of Bright
Bright 1
Bright 2
Bright Tornado
Bright Tornado 1
Bright Tornado 2
Bright Tornado 3
Levi Coffin
Levi Coffin 1
Levi Coffin 2
Dearborn County Court House
Court House 1
Court House 2
Court House 3
History of Local Farming
Farming 1
Farming 2
Farming 3
Farming 4
Farming 5
Lawrenceburg Fire Department
Fire Department 1
Fire Department 2
Fire Department 3
River Floods
Floods 1
Floods 2
Floods 3
Guilford Covered Bridge
Guilford Bridge
General Henry Dearborn
Henry Dearborn 1
Henry Dearborn 2
Lawrenceburg Public Library District
Lawrenceburg Library 1
Lawrenceburg Library 2
Lawrenceburg Library 3
Lawrenceburg Library 4
Lost Bridge
Lost Bridge
Metamora and the Canal
Metamora Canal 1
Metamora Canal 2
Metamora Canal 3
Metamora Canal 4
Metamora Canal 5
Metamora Canal 6
Metamora Canal 7
Metamora Canal 8
Metamora Canal 9
Mound Builders
Mound Builders 1
Mound Builders 2
Mound Builders 3
Mound Builders 4
Neary Candy
Neary Candy 1
Neary Candy 2
Ohio River
Ohio River 1
Ohio River 2
Ohio River 3
Robert Owen
Robert Owen 1
Robert Owen 2
Johann George Rapp
Johann George Rapp 1
Johann George Rapp 2
Red Wolf Sanctuary
Red Wolf Sanctuary Website
Circular (Round) Barn
Round Barn 1
Round Barn 2
Seagrams 1
Seagrams 2
Seagrams 3
St. Leon Pole Raising
Pole Raising 1
Pole Raising 2
Pole Raising 3
Pole Raising 4
Veraestau Mansion
Veraestau 1
Veraestau 2
Veraestau 3
Veraestau 4
Veraestau 5
William Henry Harrison
William Henry Harrison 1
William Henry Harrison 2
Wymond House
Wymond House 1
Wymond House 2
Wymond House 3
Wymond House 4
Wymond House 5
Wymond House 6
Zix Brewery
Zix Brewery 1
Zix Brewery 2

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