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Information About Us

Lawrenceburg Public Library
150 Mary Street
Lawrenceburg, Indiana 47025
Lawrenceburg Public Library front entrance view.
Phone: 812-537-2775
Fax: 812-537-2810
North Dearborn Branch Library
25969 Dole Road
West Harrison, Indiana 47060
North Dearborn Branch front entrance view.
Phone: 812-637-0777
Fax: 812-637-0797

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The Library

  • LPLD is a public library system serving the cities of Lawrenceburg and Greendale and the townships of Harrison, Jackson, Kelso, Lawrenceburg, Logan, Miller, and York. A reciprocal agreement with neighboring Aurora Public Library offers every citizen of Dearborn County the benefit of library services. The main library is located at 150 Mary Street in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. The North Dearborn Branch of LPLD is located at 25969 Dole Road; West Harrison, Indiana.
  • Our Mission
  • To provide our community with equal access to resources - for life.
  • Our Vision
  • Our facilities are safe, welcoming, and attractive and provide adequate space for all ages. We are the center of our community, promoting a learning environment for the exchange of ideas.
  • As a resource center, the library satisfies the needs of the community through the best services, high quality collections, current technology, and cultural and recreational programming.
  • We value community input and establish collaborative relationships with outside organizations to maximize our resources and services. Meeting room space for diverse community groups and organizations furthers the library’s mission and enriches lives and encourages self education.
  • Dedicated employees provide the level of service expected by our customers. We are an organization with a passion for reaching out to inspire and to serve the community. Our highly trained staff is instrumental in providing knowledgeable, courteous and respectful service to all, while anticipating and adapting to the changing needs of the community.
  • The library provides our customers with opportunities for life long learning and personal enrichment and supports intellectual freedom while respecting privacy. The library is a source of community pride.
  • The key to progress is the continuous evaluation and improvement of our organization.
  • Our Values
  • LPLD is committed to the following values:
    • High Ethical Standards
    • Commitment to excellence
    • Equal access for all
    • Intellectual Freedom
    • The individual’s right to privacy
    • Welcoming, safe accessible environments
    • Up-to date collections and progressive technologies
    • Life Long learning
    • Community input
    • Vision for the future

LPLD Board of Trustees

  • Patricia Ritzmann, President
  • Julia Edwards Dickey, Vice President
  • Marita Cizek, Secretary
  • Linda Lyness
  • Jennifer Hanneken
  • Donald Siemers
  • Daniel Toon
  • Board meets the 4th Tuesday of each month at the Main Library.

Contact Us

If you would like to talk to the Lawrenceburg Public Library use the following options:

Main Library

  • Barbara Bonney , Director
  • Margie Kleier , Business and Operations Manager
  • Debra Beckett , ILS/Systems Manager
  • Georgeann Doan , Reference Librarian
  • Joyce Baer , Genealogy & Local History
  • Criseida Green , Digital Resources & Services Librarian
  • Doug McElwain, Technology Support Specialist
  • Chris Bockstiegel, Customer Service Leader
  • Lynn Bleha, Adult Programmer
  • Wilma Wittrock, Public Services Assistant
  • Mickey Taylor, Public Service Assistant
  • Matt Neuendorf, Public Service Assistant
  • Sarah Bills, Public Service Assistant
  • Donna Kaffenberger , Public Service Assistant
  • Dianne Fuchs, Public Service Assistant
  • Lori Duwel, Public Service Assistant
  • Susan Hejlik, Public Service Assistant
  • April Nudds, Public Service Assistant
  • Michelle Mattock, Public Service Assistant
  • Darlene Rueger, Public Service Assistant

Youth Services Department

  • Jody Maples , Youth Services Manager
  • Sheila Bigelow, Children's Assistant
  • Rebecca Greene, Children's Assistant
  • Barb Shepherd, Children's Assistant

Outreach and Mobile Library (BOB)

  • Jim Farris , Outreach Coordinator

North Dearborn Branch

  • Phil Kuhn , Branch Manager
  • Lorrie Thompson, Public Services Assistant
  • Ellen Keese, Public Services Assistant
  • Peggy Mardis, Pubic Services Assistant
  • Barb Howard, Pubic Services Assistant